King’s Pantry

The King’s Pantry is a program within Healing Tree Economic Development, Inc.

The King’s Pantry began in 1990 when the founder, Cynthia D. Gee West, first brought food to homeless men, women and children after noticing their cardboard box housing behind a phone company in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Currently the King’s Pantry provides a weekly on site (on the street) feeding program and two emergency food pantries.

Program Related Facts:

  • For what is now over two decades of operation, the King’s Pantry has never missed a week of feeding through it’s on site program initiative.
  • In two decades, the King’s Pantry has served over 100,000 meals annually and well over 600 turkeys during the Thanksgiving season in this time period.
  • The King’s Pantry is an active member of three community agency collaboratives and works in conjunction with several local agencies.
  • The King’s Pantry operates solely through the efforts of one part-time employee and a contingent of dedicated volunteers.
  • The King’s Pantry has received recognition and awards from Fleet Bank, the City of Bridgeport/Mayor’s Office, State of
    Connecticut/Governor’s Office and various senators and congressmen.

Benefit to Community:

The King’s Pantry serves forgotten and needy populations such as the elderly, veterans, persons with disabilities, homeless and the indigent.

King’s Pantry programming keeps inner city and urban youth off the street and engaged in productive community enhancing activities.

The King’s Pantry provides much needed prevention and education to high-risk populations resulting in reduced exposure to the HIV virus.

Healing Tree Economic Development, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to

providing quality services that target areas of feeding, educating and housing for those

members of the Bridgeport community who are in need.