Youth Development Programs

Youth Development Programs (YDP) was established to build upon the commitment to help young people become responsible adult citizens and community leaders. The mission of the program is to help and challenge youth to learn, to achieve and to serve in order to become capable, informed, and motivated adults. YDP serves over 100 youth annually.

Program Related Facts:

  • YDP is taught by skilled and talented instructors.
  • YDP provides students with the tools and resources to positively improve their lives.
  • YDP provides structured activities as an alternative to violence and/or mischief behaviors.
  • The YDP addresses the challenges and obstacles students are facing through direct service or referrals to local community-based agencies, government agencies, etc.
  • YDP resources provide an array of positive social, educational and recreational activities.

Benefit to the Community:

Staff is able to build trust with students because they have extensive experience working and/or living in the community.

Volunteers participate in school and community prevention activities that will improve conditions for students and their families.

YDP staff is able to identify youth in need and effective interventions and support services.

A diverse team of individuals who are certified or credentialed in their field of expertise to expand existing or new relationships within the community

Healing Tree Economic Development, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, is committed to

providing quality services that target areas of feeding, educating and housing for those

members of the Bridgeport community who are in need.